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Film About Mental Health

October 10 is celebrated annually as World Mental Health Day. Initially today it is commemorated on the initiative of the World Mental Health Federation. The purpose of the commemoration of Mental Health Day is to conduct advocacy as well as education to the public regarding mental issues. The campaign, which began in 1992, initially did not have a specific theme. It was only since 1994 every year there are themes that are intentionally commemorated. The first theme at the time was improving the quality of mental health services.

For the sake of increasing public awareness about mental health issues, we can use an approach through art. For example film. The following films raise the issue of mental health very nicely. We will be made to better understand and see the world from the perspective of the survivors. It is hoped that through these films at 123 movies we, as viewers, will no longer view them through adverse stigma.

– Joker
The Joker not only attracted the attention of loyal fans of DC United but also the world community. The Joker’s approach is unique because unlike ordinary superhero-villain films, he gets a lot of praise and blasphemy. The film’s main character, Arthur Fleck, is known to be delusional. Arthur also has other health problems and difficulties to blend in with the community. Unfortunately, the environment actually does not empathize and instead makes Arthur even more depressed. There is also a scene that depicts when Arthur is doing counseling. Although bitter, we get a real picture of the difficulties of life experienced by people like Arthur.

– Silver Linings Playbook
The brilliant acting Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were able to describe well how people living with mental problems. The story is unique about two people who are struggling to recover from their mental breakdown and find romance. The therapy used is dancing. One of the advantages of this film compared to other films is that it shows the survivors’ efforts to continue to function well and have a social life.

– Shutter Island
You could say the entire film with Leonardi DiCaprio in it is a masterpiece. Similarly, this film. However, compared to the previous two films, Shutter Island is far more entertaining. This film does not describe the condition of survivors who are trying to recover or survive. The plot twist itself is very interesting and according to some viewers very surprising. We will be invited to play in the game Laeddis, a mental hospital patient who is chasing himself.